Luxury, Makeover Portrait Session:

My new sessions are about celebrating beauty and empowering women through photography. This fashion inspired photo session is designed for everyday women: busy, stay-at home moms, working moms, businesswomen and high school seniors.

No matter who you are you have something beautiful to share and I would be honored to present you with images that reflect who you are. Be beautiful, be you!

Portrait sessions for women:

  1. Beauty and Glamour
  2. Personal Branding and Business Portraits, including headshots.
  3. Boudoir
  4. Generations


Makeover portrait sessions include:

Dream shoot design session:

Your experience includes a design session beforehand to discuss the look you want to go for. We will talk about wardrobe, posing and other questions you may have.

Hair and make up:

All women portraits include in studio hair and make up by pros that know how to style you for the camera. If you have some ideas of the style / look that you want I ask that you send some example images so the stylist can be prepared to make your thoughts a reality. If you wish to be surprised we can style you beautifully based on our discussion from your design session.

Several wardrobe & Styling changes:

Bring your selection of clothes and together we choose what will work best for the session. If you prefer, I have a small collection of beautiful, designer dresses and outfits that you can pick from (inform me of your size prior to the session). In addition to changing outfits the session is flexible and provides for changing styles as well. If you want two or more styles we can usually shoot them all in one session, depending on the total number of looks and styles that you want. Example: we can start with business portraits, then move on to beauty shots and conclude with some sensual boudoir shots.

Fully guided Photo shoot:

Your session is tailored just for you. Upon your arrival, we will start with your hair and make up before completing the look by styling your outfit to match. Don’t be shy if this is your first photo session. I offer gentle coaching in poses that flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident. We will work together to bring out the real you and capture your natural beauty.

Image editing:

I hand edit each image individually to bring out the best you. While most of the work is done during your portrait session with flattering posing and beautiful lighting I retouch the skin to remove, blemishes, stray hairs and adjust the tone. Also, I repair imperfections in the fabric, remove image artifacts and lightly enhance the overall image to bring out your natural beauty. You can select the edit style that you want so if there is anything specific that you would like me to edit please let me know during your consultation.

Portrait reveal:

Once your images are ready I schedule a private, in person reveal with you. This is the first time you get to see your beautiful portraits and when you select the portraits that you want. I select the 20 best images from your session, edit them and order an 8×10 print of each one. After they arrive I individually place each portrait in an 11×14 matt (viewable area is 7×9). This saves time and hassle, as your portraits are complete and ready to take home from the reveal to enjoy for a lifetime. You are not obligated to purchase any specific package or even a set number of prints, select only what you want.